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FT991A bandscope settings how to ?

 Hello ,

i am looking for the how to make the bandscope work in real time on HRD for my yaesu FT991A . on my radio it works fine.

for now it works only a little i don't get real time date is does not scroll or show what is going on on the band .

I cant figure it out how to set it up properly.

Hope someone can give me some hints and tips for my radio .



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The "bandscope" function in Rig Control has never been real-time. It's more of a "band-sweep" function. It retunes the radio across a given band and obtains signal strength data. But it's a moment in time. It can be repeated.

(Note: The panadapter display is very different from the "bandscope". Neither are what we refer to as a "waterfall", as that exists in DM-780.)


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