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Address Labels

OK... I think my patience has just about run out...version 6.7.0..277 finally got the labels to print at a size you can read BUY it cant remember the settings so every time you use it, one must re enter the font size!!! Come on guys this cant be that hard.

The complete topic of printing labels (either QSO or address labels) is a labor of love. I've had some very experienced developers explain to me why it's so hard (seems to have to do with the fonts that are installed and the print drivers installed). I don't find that to be an excuse... so I have this on an active list for improvement.

It doen't yet meet my expectations, though it's continually better. It's an important topic and it will be on the short-list until it meets my expectations (which it doesn't now).


Thank you

Wel Mike improvements are not really so diffecult.... for instance the definitions of the current setting for brother labels is just not good ...if you set the rith label format users have already a better view.  in de file section of facebook HRD fanpage I have a file which in dutch but je kan use it with google translate.

73 Peter PC1Y


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You might be a good person to match up with our developer who has this in their work bucket.

I'll make sure he has this document.


Hello Hams. 
I would like to use the qsl labels with my specially purchased Brother ql 820nwb with the label size of 29c90mm. is that possible somehow? Unfortunately, I don't know my way around. help need -)

Hello Hams.

Since I updated to the latest version of the HRD I have been experiencing problems when printing my labels, it does not matter if I select one or many contacts to print the labels and it always prints them blank or in some case with only the characters TE, I have the Brother QL-700 and I am using the 29x90mm DK-11201 labels

Is there any solution?

Is it possible to print multiple QSL labels at the same time, as it is in DX4WIN?  In that program, I can go into the log file, tick on each QSO I want to have printed, tell the printer how many missing labels there are on the address label sheet, and just like that- all the QSL labels are printed in seconds!  

I can see how to print QSL labels in HRD one at a time, but "surely there is a better way??"

73  - Jim K6ZH

Hola Jim, si que es posible imprimir varias al mismo tiempo pero tambien salen mal, te adjunto una captura de etiqueta multiple


while you are "fixing" the labels why not "fix" it so the call sign did not print with the address..... most DXers do not include the call sign as it is a give away to those who collect the green stamps that are included with the QSL

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Well I print to a Dymo LabelWriter 450 and that prints just fine, at least when I'm printing the label in QSL Modern mode. QSL Traditional can have a few issues at times. I did try to print to a sheet on my Canon TR8520 and that was a mess. If you look at the preview screen that HRD creates, everything looks normal:

However, my Canon TR8520 printer can also do a preview and this is what is actually sent to the printer:

So I'm not sure what, but something is getting lost in the translation. Anyone else seeing this or am I the only one? Like I mentioned earlier it's no big deal because I mainly use my Dymo 450 for printing labels but it would be nice to use Avery 5160 sheets if needed.

And Jim (N6ZH) you can "CTRL" click to individually select lines in your log for those labels you wish to print. When you are done, right click on any one of those lines and select "File - Print - Labels" and it should print those labels you selected, assuming the page printing is working correctly :)

John K7KB

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