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get to the HRD website via Facebook, as I am doing sending this message. However, I cannot sign-in with my login and password. The message is the typical either your login or password is incorrect. When I tried to re-register, says the e-mail is in-use. So I tried resetting my password, but I get an error message stating that the email provided is not on file???

Looking for the solution?

Dave W9CAC

This is basically "first week episodes of Murphy's Law." I found a problem that was preventing people from resetting their password.

This has been fixed now and you should be good-to-go. Use the email address associated with your software activation key, newsletter, and purchase.

You get the price for "first customer to post on the new forums too!"


Thanks, Got temporary password, but says that my password is wrong when I try to change the password. It asks for current password, but says the one sent me is the wrong password when I try to change it, so it does not save changes. Found old password and site does not like that one any more than the other.

Thanks, Dave

Dave, I had same problem. I ended up going to LOGIN, entered my Username (email), then selected FORGOT PASSWORD.  I received an email with link to change password. That worked for me.

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Ok, thanks. However, i tried that and it still doesn't work. My work around was to use my google account to sign-in. I was able to download that way. There is something else going on with the direct sign-in. Even after I use the _"Forgot Password"  and it sends me the link, I can enter the code, takes me to "New Password", then says new password not correct. I have tried 8 characters, 12 and everything in between. Nothing works. But thanks anyway.

I've added this to a list of items I'll be discussing with Freshworks.


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Bonjour à tous, 

j'ai eu le même problème aussi! Je suis allé me ​​connecter, j'ai entré mon adresse e-mail de nom d'utilisateur, puis j'ai sélectionné MOT DE PASSE OUBLIÉ. J'ai reçu un email avec un lien pour changer le mot de passe. Tout va bien maintenant. 

73 de F5SRH

Reset Password worked for me.

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