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What is the 30-Day Trial Policy?
Last Updated 2 years ago

Due to much abuse, HRD Software LLC has had to re-vamp our 30-day trial policy.
This policy will be strictly enforced with no exceptions.

HRD Software LLC will allow 1 (One) 30- day trial period for every major release.

A Major Release is one which has a version number which begins with "V6.2, V6.3, V6.4," etc.

If for example, you downloaded the 30-day trial for V6.3.0.400, you could test and evaluate that version for 30 days, however, since we do update the software for bug fixes on a regular basis, after your 30 day trial, you would NOT be allowed to download and have a 30-Day trial for V6.3.0.500, as that would still be considered the same major release you just had but a new build was released for maintenance purposes.

If you have already installed and have run the 30-day trial using a major release of the HRD software, any additional attempts to install and run the same major version will fail to operate.

If for some unusual reason or circumstance, you were not able to complete the full 30-day evaluation, you would be able to request a 10 day extension to your test and evaluate your CURRENT trial version.

The request for the extension must be submitted to the Support department. An extension will be granted at the discretion of a support technician.

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