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What does "EXPIRED" mean in the License Manager?
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When the word "EXPIRED" appears in the HRD License Manager, it does not mean your software license has expired. What that indicates is your 12 month Software Maintenance and Support period has ended..

HRD Software LLC sells two things:

One - we sell a perpetual (Lifetime) license for the Ham Radio Deluxe software. During that period of time, you're welcome to download all updates that include bug fixes*. Included in your initial purchase is one year (12 months) of Software Maintenance and Support. During that first 12 months, you are able to contact our tech support team directly and obtain support from them at no additional charge. Also included in this period is access to all new features** added to the software. Most of the time, 12 months is sufficient in order to ensure that the software is installed and is working with no major problems. Beyond that first 12 months, the next option is available...

Two - we sell optional renewals for Software Maintenance and Support for customers who need our direct assistance beyond the first 12 months that were included with the initial purchase. The renewals are sold in one year (12 month) increments and are available at any time during or after your initial Software Maintenance and Support period has lapsed. The cost of the renewal is 1/2 (50%) of the current retail price of the Ham Radio Deluxe software package. Included in the renewal is access to our technical support staff in the event you need assistance, bug fixes* and all new features** added to the software after your initial Software Support and Maintenance has ended.

What all this means is, if you see the "EXPIRED" notice in the HRD License Manager, you have three (3) options available.

Option 1 - we're happy to renew your Software Maintenance and Support for the next 12 months for $49.95 USD. You can find a link to this option on our website at

Option 2 - we have free peer support forums at where volunteers provide support to each other.

Option 3 - For those who do not wish to take advantage of extending the Software Maintenance and Support period for a full year, we have available a "Single Incident" support option. If your Software Maintenance and Support period has lapsed and you happen to run into one single problem which you need assistance with, you have the option to purchase a "Single Incident" support ticket. This allows you to contact our support staff and receive assistance with one single issue. With this option, our technical staff will work with you until the issue is resolved or it is determined the issue is a bug in our software and is referred to our developers for a fix.

Again, it is our desire to serve you and make sure that you enjoy our favorite hobby with Ham Radio Deluxe.

*bug fixes - All bug fixes are included in the perpetual license and you can download all releases at any time to take advantage of this.

**new features - New features are any new menu item added to the HRD software package. This includes new radios not previously supported, and any option which was not included in your software at the time the original purchase was made.

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