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FT-991 USB Setup
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The FT-991 requires driver software which can be downloaded from the Yaesu website. You can click on the following link, or, copy and paste it into your favorite web browser to download the proper driver for your radio.

NOTE: Ensure you install the Virtual Com port driver from Yaesu before connecting the USB cable to your radio and the computer.

If you have issues installing the Virtual Com Port driver, contact Yaesu Support. DO NOT contact HRD for problems installing the driver.
We will just refer you to Yaesu Support for any driver support issue.

Once you have the Virtual Com Port drivers installed, connect the USB cable between the computer and the radio and turn the radio on.
Open your Windows Control Panel and open the Device Manager. Check for a listing called >Ports (Com & LPT). Open this hive and see if you can now see a pair (TWO) Silicone Labs USB Com Ports listed.

If you see more than Silicone Labs USB Com Ports in your Device manager, remove the USB cable from the computer that runs to the radio and watch the Device Manager to see which pair of ports disappear from the listing. Plug the USB cable back in and the pair of ports should reappear. This gives you the Port Numbers to use to connect the HRD software to the radio.

Radio Menu Settings
There are several menu options in the radio, itself, that must be set in order to be able to connect to the computer using the USB cable.

  1. Menu #31 - Cat Rate - Set to 19299 bps
  2. Menu #66 - DATA LCUT FREQ - Set to OFF
  3. Menu #68 - DATA HCUT FREQ - Set to OFF
  4. Menu #71 - DATA PTT SELECT - Set to DAKY
  5. Menu #72 - DATA PORT SELECT - Set to USB

Double check and save the above settings in your radio's menu system.

Computer Setup
Launch the HRD software on your computer. When the Rig Connection Screen appears, set the fields as shown below.

1. COMPANY: Yaesu
2. RADIO: FT-991
3. COM PORT: If you’re not sure of the Com Port, use “Auto-Detect”
4. SPEED: 19200
5. In the “Flow Control/Interface Power” check boxes, place a check in the “RTS” box only.

Check to make certain there are NO OTHER CHECK MARKS in any of the options in the lower portion of the connection screen.
At this time, we are ONLY interested in making the Rig Connection between HRD and your radio. The other options can be selected AFTER we’re sure we can get the radio connected and controlled by the HRD software.

Double-check your settings, at this point, since some might change when making other selections. Be especially alert for the proper Speed setting since changing the setting on the Flow Control after setting the speed can cause the speed to revert back to some default setting in HRD. Once you have double checked your settings and are sure they are correct, click the “Connect” button to begin the connection process.

If you have selected the “Auto-Detect” in either the Com Port or the Speed fields, you will see activity in the Status window. HRD will check each Com Port on your computer, at every speed available, until it finds the proper Port and Speed combination that will connect to the radio. When the connection is made the main HRD Rig Control screen will open.

If, for any reason, you have problems connecting to your radio please don’t hesitate to contact the HRD Support Team for assistance.
DO NOT e-mail support questions to the Sales department. They will NOT be able to help you. Contact Support directly either by phone or by opening a Support Ticket by going to and selecting “Support” from the menu at the top of the page. On the Support page we have our phone numbers listed and a link to our Support Ticket system.

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