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How can I update the Country and Unique Callsign Database?
Last Updated 5 years ago

The Country List and Unique Callsign DataBase are, by default, set to "Auto-Update", however, at this time, the auto-update function is not working properly.  That makes it necessary to manually update these lists from time to time.

To manually update the Country List and Unique Callsign Database, proceed as follows:

Step 1: Left click on "Tools (menu item)" in "HRD Logbook - [My Logbook]"

This option opens the lists tools available in the Logbook software.
Step 2: Left click on "Global HRD Settings (menu item)" in "Tools"

The Global Settings are used globally within the Logbook Module
Step 3: Left click on "Auto-Update (button)" in "Global Settings "

Step 4: Left click on "Check for Update (button)" in "Global Settings"

Checks to see if there is a new update available on the server.
Step 5: Left click on "Use Updated List (button)" in "Global Settings "

Replaces current Country and UCSDB in the HRD software with the updated databases
Step 6: Left click on "OK (button)" in "Global Settings"

Exits Global Settings and returns to HRD Logbook.

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