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What does the green icon with the "C" indicate on the waterfall?
Last Updated 5 years ago

The green square icon with the [C] in it is the waterfall Center Frequency Marker.

The Waterfall's Center Frequency Marker sets a selected frequency to the CENTER of your radio's NARROWEST filter.

You can enable this feature by opening the Program Options and selecting Waterfall from the menu panel on the left.  Enable the "Center Frequency Marker function by placing a check mark in the "enable" box.

You also have a choice of 3 center options, which can be adjusted according to the filters you have in your radio.
The default values are 1000, 1500 or 2000 Hz centers. Choosing one of these options places a green [C] flag at that point on the waterfall.
There is also a green [C] icon placed on the Waterfall Toolbar.

When you select a trace on the waterfall that is decoding above or below this center frequency, clicking on the [C] icon will turn your radio to bring that signal to the center of your filter.

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