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What is the cost of additional activation keys for family members?
Last Updated 4 years ago

Many hams, for whatever reason, have more than one callsign or they may have a spouse or children who are hams who also use the HRD Registered owner’s station and software.
Each ham who uses the HRD system requires a KEY which is directly linked to their callsign AND the registered owner’s callsign in order to use the software.
HRD Software will provide, FREE OF CHARGE, additional keys for the registered owner’s spouse and any MINOR children living in the same household. Once the Child has left School/College, then they need to obtain their own HRD licence key.

Send an e-mail to  Include the registered owner's call and the callsigns of the other family members.  Upon address verification for that callsign, a key will be generated and e-mailed.

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