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I have previously purchased Ham Radio Deluxe, but the system cannot find my information and I cannot get a v6.6 software activation key
Last Updated 9 months ago

There are a few reasons why this can happen:

  • Your purchase may have been made with a different email address than the one you're trying to retrieve your key with. The system should have the email address that was associated with your purchase - except for these cases below. If the key is among the nearly 30,000 keys that are already in the system, you can retrieve it with the email associated with your most recent purchase at
  • You made your purchase with "Express Checkout." In this case, the web-store ( has no record of your callsign. Replacement keys were made for customers who had profiles created in our web-store.
  • You made your purchase from one of our dealers (HRO, Gigaparts, etc). The old license key system had no way to capture your email address. Without the email address, a replacement key could not be created. The new system requires an email address and a valid callsign. (The new system also has a method to prompt for an email address when activating a key purchased through a dealer.)
  • You've changed your email address since your last purchase and the old email address is no longer available to you.
  • You purchased at a hamfest and the person who made the sale did not enter your email address into the old software license server. As a result, there was no email address to create the key from.
  • Emails to you have previously bounced, you unsubscribed from our emails, or (worse yet) you marked one of our emails as spam. All our systems use a single commercial outbound email system called "SendGrid." Once one of these events occurs, the system will flag your email address and any new messages to it will be ignored by the outbound email system. This would prevent us from sending you the replacement key or from obtaining it from the key retrieval page.
  • You unchecked the box at the time of purchase that gives us permission to send you email. The same system honors opt-out requests.
All these problems were one of the factors that created the need to replace the old software license server with a new commercial product.

If any of these cases apply to you, it's a simple matter of creating a support ticket at and we will do the research and get your key created.

Anyone who has ever purchased Ham Radio Deluxe is entitled to a replacement key.

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