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How do I use the Callsign Lookup option?
Last Updated a year ago

The Ham Radio Deluxe logbook provides single-click callsign lookups using several online and CD based lookup methods. The most commonly used method is through This is a subscription based lookup method requiring you to purchase an annual subscription. If you don't already have one of the "free" accounts on the QRZ website, go to an register for a free account. You then have the option of 3 different XML lookup subscriptions. The least expensive option works just fine with Ham Radio Deluxe.

We offer callsign lookup options from two web based methods. and Both of these methods are totally FREE. They do require you log into their websites and create a user account before you can access their lookup services. A third free option is This is also a web based lookup method, however this method only provides the lookup information for calls registered in the United States.

We also provide support for those operators who go out in the field and are away from an internet connection. These are CD based option and you will have to purchase their CDs and install them on your computer in order for them to operate correctly.

For information on selecting and configuring the Callsign Lookup option in the Ham Radio Deluxe Logbook, please see the attached PDF file (LB - Configuring Callsign Lookups.pdf). To view or download the PDF file, please click on the link located under "Attachments" to the right of this screen.

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