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Can the HRD software support more than one ham in a household?
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This is one of the more frequently asked questions. The answer is definitely Yes!

Many households have more than one ham, and of course, since there are more than one person using the radio equipment, each has to be able to have their own personalized logbook and settings on the computer. The HRD software allows multiple users, each with their own customized setup of the software and each with their own personalized logbook and awards tracking. The way this is accomplished is as follows.

When HRD is purchased and registered, it's registered using the callsign of the person who made the purchase. This person should be logged into the Windows operating system as the system Administrator. When the HRD software is installed, there is an option in the installer that asks if this installation will be used by "Everyone" using the computer or just by the one person installing the software. The administrator who is installing the software should check the box that allows the software installation to be used by "Everyone".

The Administrator of the computer system would then open the Windows Control Panel, and select the "User Account" option and create a standard account for each one of the additional hams in the household. This in turn, allows each person to sign into Windows with their own user name and password, which also gives them their own personalized desktop display.

Since the HRD software was installed by the Administrator of the system and has given the rights to use the software to "Everyone" who uses the computer, when a different user signs into their Windows account, the HRD software will be displayed on their personalized desktop. All the user has to do is run the HRD software. HRD will then ask for that individual to enter his or her callsign and their own personal HRD license key. (HRD provides additional keys for immediate family members at no charge)

Once the user has signed into HRD, and runs the software, a new logbook will be created for that user and he or she can then configure the HRD system with everything customized for their own personal use.

If there are any problems or questions about this procedure, please don't hesitate to contact the HRD support staff for assistance either by phone or by opening a support ticket at

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