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I get errors when I try to upload to LoTW.
Last Updated 3 years ago

There are several errors you may receive when attempting to upload your logs to Logbook of The World.

If you have previously been able to upload to LoTW without receiving any errors, and one day you attempt an upload and receive an error, it may be due to the fact the LoTW servers are just handling so much traffic, your system was unable to connect to complete the file transfer. In many cases you will see this during or the Monday after a big contest weekend. To resolve this issue, just wait until a later time or until the next day to upload your logs.

Another reason you may receive an error when uploading to LoTW, when you have had no problems in the past, is a record is missing one or more of the required fields, the most common one is the frequency, or, the dates in the uploaded ADIF file is outside of the range contained in your TQSL Certificate. This can be easily checked by opening your TQSL program, select the "Callsign Certificate" tab, then left-click on the certificate your using and click the blue icon on the right that has the opens the "Callsign Certificate Properties" and check the dates for which your certificate is valid.

If your new to Ham Radio Deluxe and are just setting up the software to upload to LoTW, the most common causes for errors when attempting to upload are configuration options incorrectly set in the HRD LoTW upload dialog.

1. Password: This password must be the same as that used to sign into your account on the LoTW website. It is CASE SENSITIVE so be careful when entering it that each character is in the proper case.
2. TQSL.exe path: Click on the little box to the right of this field and navigate to the location shown in the image above. Highlight the TQSL application icon and click "Open".
3. Station Location: Incorrectly formatted Station Location name in your TQSL software. The Station Location name can not contain any non-alpha characters (i.e. *,$,#,@, ;, :. comas, periods,etc.) or numbers. It will not accept names like "San Jose, CA, or Akron, OH". If using a city/state as your location, type it in as one word "SanJoseCA or AkronOH".

Now an important word about your PASSWORD used (Mentioned in #1 above). As of September 2016, LoTW changed the format for the passwords used to log into your account on their website. What we have seen in many cases is even the password you use to log into your account on the LoTW website will NOT work for the LoTW uploads. So, if you are sure you have everything else configured properly and you still can't get HRD to upload to LoTW, we suggest you do the following.

Log into your account on the LoTW website using your current password. Once you have logged into your account, locate the option to change your password and go ahead and change your password. Then, use that password in the "Password" field in the LoTW Upload dialog box. If that fails, again open the LoTW website, make sure you are logged out of their system, then where it asks for your login, put in your username, only, then click the "Forgot My Password" option. You will be sent to a page where it asks for your e-mail address. Put your e-mail address in and they will send you an e-mail which gives you a link to click on. This link will take you to an LoTW page that contains a new password generate by their system. Make sure you write this password down EXACTLY as it appears. Then, use this password in the password field of the LoTW upload dialog.

If after checking all of the above and attempting to change your password, you still have problems uploading to LoTW, please open a support ticket and our support staff will assist you in finding a solution to this problem.

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