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DSN Logbook Errors
Last Updated 3 years ago

If you are installing HRD for the first time, or, are updating your software and when starting the HRD Logbook you receive an error screen similar to the ones shown here, there is a good chance that a Microsoft runtime program that is required for the HRD Logbook was not installed or was in some way corrupted or deleted.

To resolve the above errors, first, you need to close the HRD Logbook. The Logbook could possibly be locked up and may not allow you to close it in a normal manner, using the red [X] in the upper right corner, therefore you will have to open your Windows Task Manager and manually force the Logbook to close.

Next, either click on the following link or copy and paste it into the address field of your favorite browser. Download the Microsoft Access 2007 Runtime module and save it to your hard drive.

Microsoft Access 2007 Runtime

Once downloaded, run the Access installer program. Once the Access 2007 Runtime has been installed, run the HRD software and open your logbook. The logbook should now open without receiving any errors.

If you still find you have errors opening the Logbook, please open a support ticket and our support staff will provide additional information on resolving the problem.

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