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Can I get an additional key for a family member?
Last Updated 3 years ago

Many hams, for whatever reason, have more than one callsign or they may have a spouse or children who are hams who also use the HRD Registered owner’s station and software.

Each ham who uses the HRD system requires a KEY which is directly linked to their callsign AND the registered owner’s callsign in order to use the software.

HRD Software will provide, FREE OF CHARGE, additional keys for the registered owner’s spouse and any MINOR children living in the same household.

Obtaining Additional Keys
In order to obtain additional keys the registered owner of the HRD software must make a written request and send it to Include in this request the registered owner’s callsign and any additional callsigns for which keys are being requested.

Prior to issuing any additional keys, HRD Software LLC will verify that the callsign is either owned by the registered HRD user OR, in the case of a key being requested for a family member, the address will be verified from the proper Licensing agency to insure it is the same as the registered HRD license holders. There will be NO EXCEPTIONS to this policy.

Only Trustees of a club that owns a copy of HRD may request a copy of the license or additional keys for that license. Proof of trusteeship must be provided with request. Individual club members will not be provided with club license information.

We also cannot provide additional keys for MODIFIED callsigns, such as those using a suffix as /m, /p, /mm or any other modifier. We also cannot provide keys for calls that use an area prefix like F4/CALLSIGN, PA/CALLSIGN. Callsigns with a modified prefix or suffix can be added as "Locations" in the "My Station" configuration of the Logbook and a key is not required.

NOTE: HRD Software LLC reserves the right to limit the number of additional keys issued.

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