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How do I use HRD for contest logging? (Video)
Last Updated 3 years ago

The Ham Radio Deluxe Logbook was designed for general purpose logging. It was not designed specific for the avid contester, however, it can be setup and used for "light" contesting. That means, for the ham who is not really a contest award chaser, but rather for the occasional contest operator. For those contest "heavy hitters", we recommend using one of the contest logging software packages specifically designed for the purpose. Once the contest is over, export the logs from the contest logger in ADIF format and import the contacts into the HRD Logbook so you can upload the contacts to LoTW for award credits.

This video gives instructions on how to setup the HRD Logbook for logging contacts during Field Day. These instructions should give you an idea of how the HRD Log could be configured for other contests as well.

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