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Is there any additional software I need to run HRD?
Last Updated 3 years ago

HRD is a totally self-contained software package with just about everything you need for operating your ham shack. There are, however, a few programs, mostly freeware, that you may want to consider downloading and having on your computer.

Adobe Reader (or other PDF reader)
In many cases, when we respond to an e-mail or support ticket, we include a PDF file which contains instructions or information that may be necessary for a user to resolve a problem or answer a question they may have. The free version of Adobe Reader can be downloaded from the following link:

Teamviewer QS
Many hams are already familiar with the Teamviewer remote software. Our support staff uses Teamviewer version 10 when it's necessary to remote into a customer's computer to assist them with answering a question or resolving a problem. Although Teamviewer is free software for personal use, since we are using it in a commercial environment, licensing of the software and purchasing upgrades is quite expensive. Since Teamviewer versions are not backward compatible, we ask our customers to download and use the Teamviewer QS program, which is just a small client program that does not install anything on your computer. Teamviewer QS is a safe and secure program to download and have on your computer in the event you need help with a question or problem that requires us to remote into your computer. The only way this software can be accessed from remote is if you give the technician the ID and password at the time the remote is conducted. The password is generated and changed each time Teamviewer QS is run, so there's no way someone can get access to your computer, via this program, unless you give them the ID and password when you run the program. Teamviewer QS can be downloaded from the following link:

ADIF Master
There are times you may have difficulty importing an ADIF file into your HRD Logbook. ADIF Master is a small utility that can help you find and correct the problem. With this program, you can export a record from your HRD logbook, in the ADIF format and load it into ADIF Master. You can then open a second instance of ADIF Master and import the file you are having problems importing and compare the two files to see what is causing the problem. ADIF Master then allows you to modify the file your trying to import so that it conforms to the format used by the HRD logbook. ADIF Master is a freeware program and can be downloaded from the following link:

If you have a utility that may be helpful to other hams and users of HRD, please let us know so we can include it in this list.

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