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How do I get the Trial Version of Ham Radio Deluxe?
Last Updated 3 years ago

Obtaining the Trial version of Ham Radio Deluxe is just a matter of clicking the [Download Now!] option on any page of the Ham Radio Deluxe website. The Trial version of the software is exactly the same as the fully registered version with the exception. During the 30-day trial, each time you start the HRD software, the HRD License Manager is the first screen displayed and you need to click on the [Continue] button at the bottom of the License Manager to continue to load the software. At the end of the trial period, when you click the [Continue] button, a screen should be displayed thanking you for trying our software and will provide a link to our website where you can purchase your the activation key that will allow the software to continue without the 30-day limitation.

Once you have purchased the activation key, when the License Manager screen opens, click on the [Activate] button, enter your callsign and the activation key, click [OK] and your new license will appear in the License Manager and you will then be able to continue using your Ham Radio Deluxe software just as you did during the trial.

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